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Season ThreeRace, class, identity, privilege. These are topics and concepts that divide us, but what if we could start talking about them? Through conversation and stories that follow the themes of my book, White Picket Fences: Turning toward Love in a World Divided by Privilege, we are going to explore these hard topics in order to move together towards healing.

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S3 Bonus | Talking with Our Kids About Race, Justice, Love, and Privilege

How do we talk with kids about race, justice, and privilege? In this follow up to last week’s interview with Patricia Raybon, Amy Julia interviews her three children. Penny, William, and Marilee all talk about what they’ve learned from books, museums, and the recent protests after the death of George Floyd. TRANSCRIPT SHOW NOTES As I talk with our kids about race and justice, we begin our conversation by talking about our family’s Civil Rights tour in 2019. Here’s a description of our four-day tour, as well as a recommended itinerary, which includes the Whitney Plantation that Marilee mentions, as

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different stories divide

S3 E3 | Our Different Stories Divide Us with Patricia Raybon

How do white parents talk with their children about race and racism? Why do white evangelical and Black Christians seem so socially and politically divided? How do our different stories divide us? How can we move towards one another in love even when we disagree? Author Patricia Raybon and Amy Julia discuss these questions and more in this conversation about race, books and reading, parenting, and faith. (Also, check back in later this week for a bonus episode where Amy Julia talks with her kids about what they’ve learned from talking about racism and injustice at home.) TRANSCRIPT Show Notes

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S3 E2 | Living into the Really Real with Micha Boyett

How can we talk about race and disability without conflating the two? How can white, able-bodied, neurotypical people enter into this conversation? What is the difference between “white fragility” and being vulnerable? What is the connection between contemplation and activism? How can we live into the “really real”? Amy Julia talks with author, podcaster, and advocate Micha Boyett today about all these questions and more. TRANSCRIPT Show Notes Follow Micha Boyett online: Website: (she used to blog at Mama:Monk) Instagram (features Micha’s writing): @michaboyett Instagram (features life with Micha’s son Ace, who has Down syndrome): @acefaceismyfriend Facebook: @MichaBoyett Twitter:

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waking up to privilege

S3 E1 | Waking Up to Privilege with David Bailey

Race, class, and the kingdom of God all come up in this conversation between Amy Julia and David Bailey, Director of Arrabon, a ministry to help churches become reconciling communities. In this introductory episode for Season 3, David and Amy Julia talk about why white people can feel afraid to enter into conversations about race and privilege, the controversies over Confederate monuments in David’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia, whether this moment of protest and activism will translate into lasting social change, and more. SHOW NOTES  |  TRANSCRIPT This is a podcast for restless sleepers. I’m speaking metaphorically, but I’m thinking

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Season 3 Trailer: White Picket Fences

Are you looking for a safe place to talk about race, class, and social divisions? Do you want to learn more about these topics? Do you want a way to talk with friends and family? Do you want to hear the stories of real people and not just the news and statistics? The death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that swept across the nation have prompted thousands and thousands of people to ask uncomfortable questions about American history and our current social situation. Thousands are longing for places to think and connect and respond.  If you are one

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