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Amy Julia has given many talks and appeared as a guest on several different podcasts. Highlights include a conversation with NPR radio host Joy Cardin about “curing” Down syndrome, a recording of a talk about love and privilege at the Mockingbird conference, and a sermon  she preached about healing. You can listen to her talks and appearances by searching below by topic, title, host, or date below and click on the link to be directed to external sites to listen to the recordings and podcasts.

Episode Name/TitlePodcast or Church (if sermon)HostDateLink
To Be Made Well: A Conversation on Healing and HopeAll Things LifeNiro Feliciano3/13/2022ListenHealingFaith
How Do I Figure Out Where to Go?The Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy6/11/2019ListenFaith
A Woke Church?Culture Matters PodcastVillage Church2/12/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
Addressing PrivilegeMiddays with Susie LarsonSusie Larson7/28/2019ListenPrivilege and Race
Do Not Be AfraidThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy10/2/2019Listen
Amy Julia BeckerFaith Conversations PodcastAnita Lustrea6/17/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
Amy Julia Becker and White Picket FencesMornings with CarmenCarmen LaBerge6/11/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
Amy Julia Becker on the Susie Larson ShowMiddays with Susie LarsonSusie Larson5/8/2019ListenFaithPrivilege and Race
Amy Julia Becker, Author of White Picket FencesCBF ConversationsCooperative Baptist Fellowship10/3/2018ListenPrivilege and Race
Amy Julia Becker: White Picket FencesCrackers and Grape Juice PodcastJason Micheli4/22/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
Finding Beauty in Imperfection, feat. Amy Julia BeckerTypology PodcastIan Morgan Cron3/26/2019ListenPrivilege and Race
Healing a World Divided | A Conversation with Amy Julia BeckerA Faith Conversations PodcastSimply Wholehearted2/12/2019ListenPrivilege and Race
Hope and HealingTake Courage PodcastMatt Miller1/15/2019ListenFaith
Love Is Stronger Than Fear: Rethinking the Conversation about Privilege — Amy Julia BeckerTalkingbird FiresideMockingbird Ministries1/11/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
One Mom's Answer To If There Was A "Cure" for Down SyndromeThe Joy Cardin ShowJoy Cardin1/3/2019ListenDown SyndromeDisability
Owning Your Influence by Using Your WordsThe Lucky FewHeather Avis11/8/2018ListenDown SyndromeDisability
Sister Interview: Amy Julia BeckerOpen Door Sisterhood PodcastAlexandra Kuykendall & Krista Gilbert10/25/2018ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
The Ride HomeThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy10/24/2018ListenFaith
Webinar: Healing the Wounds of PrivilegeWebinarPresbyterian Outlook10/15/2018ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
White Picket FencesLiving a Life Unleashed PodcastLisa Bishop10/1/2018ListenPrivilege and Race
White Picket Fences: Turning Towards Love in a World Divided by PrivilegeGive and Take PodcastScott Jones9/16/2018ListenPrivilege and Race
Man at the PoolSalem Covenant ChurchSalem Covenant Church7/4/2018ListenFaith
Amy Julia Becker & Seeking God's GoodnessThe ReconnectCarmen LaBerge9/24/2017ListenFaith
The Ministry “Of” Children With Disabilities With Amy Julia BeckerIn This TogetherJoshua Straub8/8/2016ListenDisabilityFaith
Called to Love One AnotherSalem Covenant ChurchSalem Covenant Church8/4/2016ListenFaith
Towards Jesus in a World of Social DivisionAsbury University PodcastsAsbury University2/27/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
Parents of Kids with Special NeedsFamily LifeMichele Hill8/5/2017ListenDisabilityDown Syndrome
Trusting God in the ValleyFamily LifeJennifer Shaw4/26/2013ListenFaithDown Syndrome
Embracing the UnexpectedFamily LifeJennifer Shaw4/25/2013ListenFaithDown Syndrome
Memoir as a Feminist TestimonyFestival of Faith and WritingLisa Ann Cockrel7/22/2017ListenWriting
A Conversation with Amy Julia BeckerEssential Church PodcastAndrew Arndt11/5/2019ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
Thanksgiving DailyInside OutMartha Manikas-Foster11/6/2019ListenFaith
Sabbatical and New EbookThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy01/14/2020ListenFamilyPrivilege and Race
Courage and Love in a World DividedChurch of the Apostleswith Natasha Robinson01/30/2020ListenPrivilege and Race
Identity as the BelovedSt. Mary's Episcopal ChurchSt. Mary's2/23/2020ListenFaith
Coronavirus Crisis and What the Bible Has to SayThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy3/18/2020ListenFaithCurrent Events
On Being a MotherThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy5/8/2020ListenParentingFamily
Beyond the White Picket FenceAll Things LifeNiro Feliciano6/21/2020ListenPrivilege and RaceFaith
30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities ActThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy7/30/2020ListenDisabilityDown Syndrome
THE HAPPY HOUR #315: AMY JULIA BECKERThe Happy HourJamie Ivey8/21/2020ListenDown SyndromePrivilege and Race
White Picket Fences, Penny, and What is NORMAL?The Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy10/20/2020ListenDown SyndromeDisability
How Do We Heal a Church Divided?All Things LifeNiro Feliciano11/8/2020ListenFaithPrivilege and Race
Pointe Shoes and Developing PerseveranceThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy12/3/2020ListenDown SyndromeFaith
Psalm 22The Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy3/31/2021ListenFaith
Episode 28: Liuan Huska and Amy Julia BeckerEnglewood Review of BooksJen Pollock Michel6/7/2021ListenDisabilityDown Syndrome
Healing our divides with Amy Julia Becker: Compass 75Compass PodcastRyan Dunn12/8/2021ListenPrivilege and Race
Finding Connection, Wholeness, and Healing in Our BrokennessSaving You a SeatKaren J. Hardwick12/9/2021ListenHealing
Disability, Grace, and Life Beyond the MeritocracyFaith and ImaginationMatthew Wickman1/17/2022ListenDisabilityFaith
Name of God: HealerSalem Covenant Church1/23/2022ListenFaith
How we assign the value of our childrenMornings with CarmenCarmen LaBerge2/2/2022ListenDown SyndromeDisability
To Be Made WellCrackers and Grape JuiceJason Micheli2/18/2022ListenHealingFaith
If You're Feeling a Bit Off...The God ShowPat McMahon3/13/2022ListenHealingFaith
Conversion with Amy Julia BeckerThe More You KnowJessica N. Grissom3/7/2022ListenHealingFaith
Moving past what divides us and choosing hopeMornings with CarmenCarmen LaBerge3/15/2022ListenFaithHealing
Amy Julia Becker – episode 313Faith ConversationsAnita Lustrea3/21/2022ListenHealingFaith
HealingThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy3/21/2022ListenHealingFaith
Amy Julia Becker on wholeness and healingSusie Larson LiveSusie Larson3/24/2022ListenFaithHealing
Amy Julia Becker on HealingThat Makes Total SenseAlexis Busetti3/27/2022ListenHealingFaith
An Invitation to Wholeness, Healing and HopeUnleash Your Soul SongBecki Fleischer4/4/2022ListenHealingFaith
Where Does It Hurt? Finding the Healing You NeedRelationship Prescriptions with Dr. CarolDr. Carol Peters-Tanksley4/5/2022ListenHealingFaith
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@happinessisdownsyndromeMisty Coy Snyder4/7/2022ListenHealingDown syndrome
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@david.w.swansonDavid Swanson3/21/2022ListenPrivilege and RaceHealing
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@ theluckyfewofficialHeather Avis4/4/2022ListenDown syndromeHealing
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@jemartisbyJemar Tisby4/7/2022ListenPrivilege and RaceHealing
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@jonathan_merrittJonathan Merritt4/13/2022ListenHealingFaith
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@carameredithwritesCara Meredith4/12/2022ListenHealingFaith
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@marydumuthMary DeMuth4/11/2022ListenHealingFaith
Faith, Healing, & DisabilityThe Lucky FewMicha Boyett4/26/2022ListenDown syndromeHealing
Healing-ing PodcastBen Wideman4/26/2022ListenHealingFaith
Amy Julia Becker on Healing and Wholenessfinding holyAshley Hales5/17/2022ListenHealingFaith
Four Barriers to HealingToday's Heartlift with JanellJanell Rardon5/20/2022ListenHealing
Aesthetic 'Perfection' Does Not Equal WholenessImpossible BeautyMelissa Louise Johnson5/23/2022ListenHealingDisability
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@jeanniecunnionJeannie Cunnion6/8/2022ListenHealingFaith
IG LIVE BOOK TOUR@jillianbenfieldblogJillian Benfield3/23/2022ListenHealingDown syndrome
Amy Julia Becker Looks to Jesus for Wisdom on Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual HealingThe ChristophersTony Rossi6/28/2022ListenHealingFaith
Prayer of ExamenThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy7/13/2022ListenFaithHealing
Amy Julia Becker, To Be Made WellCBFAndy Hale8/2/2022ListenHealingFaith
Episode 57: An Invitation to WholenessHope UnabridgedKasey Brennan & Angie Elkins8/12/2022ListenHealingDisability
Healing Begets HealingSalem Covenant Church8/7/2022ListenHealingFaith
Hope and Healing on This Side of HeavenBoldly PursuingCaitlin Henderson10/11/2022ListenHealingFaith
Lesson 4: Greatness and LoveLifted by LovePatricia Clarke10/17/2022ListenDown syndromeFaith
And You Will Be BlessedSalem Covenant Church10/30/2022ListenDisabilityDown syndrome
Not the Healthy, but the SickThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy12/12/2022ListenHealingDown syndrome
To Be Made WellThis Undivided LifeTroy Mclaughlin1/17/2023ListenFaithHealing
The real reasons why we avoid places of suffering (starts at 23:38)Mornings with Carmen LaBergeCarmen LaBerge1/23/2023ListenDisabilityFaith
Why modern health obscures what it means to be humanThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy1/27/2023ListenHealingFaith
Gifts That Emerge Out of BelovednessThe Ride Home with John and KathyJohn and Kathy4/17/2023ListenDisabilityHealing
A Window into Holistic HealingJesus Storybook PodcastSally Lloyd-Jones4/27/2023ListenFaithHealing
You Belong HereGoodHard Story PodcastKatherine Wolf5/18/2023ListenDisabilityFaith
Surprised by MoreLifted by LovePatricia Clarke5/25/2023ListenFaithDisability
Healing and the Body/Soul/Spirit ConnectionWhat If We Loved?Bruce, Shay, and Janie5/30/2023ListenHealingFaith
Creating Sacred Spaces of CommunityGoodHard Story PodcastKatherine Wolf6/15/2023ListenDisabilityFaith
The Perils and Joys of MovingThe Ride HomeJohn and Kathy7/11/2023ListenFaith
Insecurities, past hurts, trusting each other againThe Ride HomeJohn and Kathy8/25/2023ListenFamilyFaith
Celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness & Inclusion and Redefining PotentialJoy in the JourneyJamie Freedlund10/17/2023ListenDown syndromeDisability
Episode 37: Ask Amy JuliaGoodHard Story PodcastKatherine Wolf10/26/2023ListenDown SyndromeDisability
How to Bring Our Brokenness to God and Participate in HealingThe Ride HomeJohn and Kathy10/19/2023ListenHealingFaith
The Deeply Formed Life, VIII - Sexual WholenessSalem Covenant ChurchSermon11/5/2023ListenFaith
Teaching Kids About Disability {Segment 1}NBC News NowVicky Nguyen & Morgan Radford12/5/2023ListenDisabilityDown syndrome
Teaching Kids About Disability {Segment 2}NBC News NOWMorgan Radford12/5/2023ListenDisabilityDown syndrome
I get overwhelmed easily...The Ride HomeJohn and Kathy12/7/2023ListenHealingFaith
How to Be Made WellSpace for LifeTommy Thompson1/4/2024ListenHealingFaith
The History of Down SyndromeThe Ride HomeJohn2/22/2024ListenDown syndromeDisability
Perfectly Human: Why Understanding Disability Matters to all of usTrinity ForumCherie Harder3/1/2024ListenDisabilityFaith
247. The Transition To AdulthoodThe Lucky Few 3/5/2024ListenDown syndromeDisability
Finding Peace When Life Isn't PeacefulAll Things LifeNiro Feliciano3/24/2024ListenFaithHealing
Episode 61: “Wait, Is This It?”: Re-Imagining the Good LifeGoodHard Story PodcastKatherine Wolf4/18/2024ListenDisabilityFaith
From Challenge to Triumph: A Mother's Story DeafBlind Potter ShowKelvin Crosby3/30/2024ListenDisabilityDown syndrome
Relationships MatterThe Ride HomeJohn & Kathy4/30/2024ListenDown syndromeDisability
Balancing Parenting with a Child with Down Syndrome and SiblingsDeafBlind Potter ShowKelvin Crosby5/6/2024ListenDown syndromeDisability
How The Church Can Better Love People with DisabilitiesWhat If We Loved?Bruce, Shay, and Janie5/29/2024ListenDisabilityFaith
Creating Belonging within FamiliesThe Ride HomeJohn & Kathy7/11/2024ListenFamilyDisability