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To Be Made Well Book Interview

Amy Julia talks with Brian Allain about her new book.

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Finding Hope

Amy Julia talks with Bonnie O'Neil about finding hope after a child's unexpected diagnosis

picture of Amy Julia holding baby Penny
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Do We Want to Get Well?

Amy Julia talks about healing what divides us using our head, heart, and hands

Do We Want to Get Well? Healing What Divides Us
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Faith, Hope, and Love During Election Season

Amy Julia talks with Jennifer Grant about faith, hope, and love during an election

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Webinar: Places of Belonging

Amy Julia discusses faith communities bringing a holistic understanding of healing to individuals, churches, and local communities.

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Reading Hope in Trying Times

Amy Julia discusses how God has helped her through trying times, and how that is reflected in her books.

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Writing For
Your Life

Amy Julia and Brian Allain discuss aspects of being a spiritual writer

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Clips from "Normie"

Amy Julia and her family appear in these clips from a documentary film depicting life with Down Syndrome

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Collaborative on Faith and Disability

Amy Julia Becker's talk on Healing the Wounds of Privilege at the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability 2019

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The Harm of Privilege

Amy Julia speaks about the Harm of Privilege. Full talk is available on

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Q Backstage

A backstage interview with Amy Julia at the Q Conference 2019

The Presbyterian

This webinar on Healing the Wounds of Privilege led by Amy Julia is available from Presbyterian Outlook

"We Love Each Other"

Penny, William and Marilee Becker talk about life with Down Syndrome. This video was filmed in April 2019

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The Harvest

Amy Julia discusses topics around her book Small Talk

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Collaborative on Faith and Disability

Amy Julia shares why who you are is more important than what you do

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