dark blue graphic with text that says: What ideas and systems and stories have deformed our collective imagination

A Deformed Imagination

When it comes to disability, most westerners have a deformed imagination. I am one of these westerners, although having a daughter with Down syndrome has

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a piece of white paper on a wooden table with the words written in marker: Why Belonging Matters

Why Belonging Matters

I’ve been thinking about the difference between inclusion and belonging. These thoughts have mostly been prompted by all the end-of-high school events for our daughter

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Alumni Weekend

Peter and I have an odd story of meeting, and dating, and marriage. He was from New Orleans. I was from Connecticut. We met at

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collage of covers of some of the books, films, and podcasts mentioned in post

May 2024 Favorites

There’s so much good content out there these days, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few of my favorite books, podcast

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What Is Normal?

What is “normal?” I don’t use the word normal very much anymore. It’s just one of the many ways my language has changed in the

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wadded up tissues on top of the Treasures in the Darkness book

Ministry of Tears

How do I care for someone in pain? People have asked me this question. I’ve asked this question. And I thought it would be helpful

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collage of photos from the weekend

A Wild Weekend

How do you make it through a wild weekend that includes one daughter’s dance rehearsals, another’s soccer games, your son’s performance in Hamlet, and your

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