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S3 E9 | How Jesus Overcomes the Barrier of Wealth with Marlena Graves

Fear often inhabits both wealth and poverty. How does viewing money and self-sacrifice through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus bring freedom and joy? Writer and speaker Marlena Graves, author of “The Way Up Is Down: Becoming Yourself by Forgetting Yourself,” talks with Amy Julia about wealth, poverty, faith, and the freedom that comes from being filled up with God’s love.



Marlena Graves received her M.Div. from Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, New York, and is pursuing her Ph.D. in American Culture Studies as she researches the influence American culture has on Evangelicals’ view of immigration, race, and poverty. Connect with Marlena: marlenagraves.com@marlena.graves on Instagram, @marlena.propergraves on Facebook, and @MarlenaGraves on Twitter.

“Money can’t buy happiness or joy or peace. We can use money that God has given us for God’s ways, but to think that [money by itself] is going to satisfy—it really doesn’t.”

“The way of Jesus is to use whatever God has given us and whatever station of life we are in for God’s Kingdom.”

“The only way I can love people, love my neighbor, is if I am in tune and paying attention to God.”

“Prayer is putting your gaze upon God.”

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After the Podcast—Continuing the Conversation with Amy Julia:

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