what is normal through lens of down syndrome

S3 E16 | Normie: What is Normal Through the Lens of Down Syndrome with Annemarie Carrigan and Kurt Neale

normal through lens of Down syndrome

What is normal? Normie is a coming-of-age film about a young woman with Down syndrome. Today, Annemarie Carrigan, the lead cast member of Normie, and Kurt Neale, the director and producer of the film, talk with Amy Julia about the illusions and reality of “normal,” the truth that all humans are broken and beloved, and how the creation of Normie changed how they viewed themselves and others.



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“Normie is about the illusion of normal and the beauty of love through the lens of Down syndrome.” – Annemarie

“[I hope that] People would flip the lens, so to speak, and look at themselves and not simply observe Annemarie being honest but people would be drawn into evaluation of themselves.” – Kurt

“Our world is such a mess. We’re screaming out that your identity is relative to your performance. That is a tragic lie…I find value in that I am created and loved by God, and I can also love others.” – Kurt

“I am loved. I am not normal. And I am just who I am. And I’m proud of that.” – Annemarie

“I am loved by God. That’s a fact. I don’t know how to explain how I feel loved by God because it’s unfathomable to think that God loves me and believes in me. It’s his word against mine.” – Annemarie

“Could it possibly be true that I’m far more loved than I ever dreamed possible? And that I can really love others through my own limitedness and brokenness?” – Kurt

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