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Discussion Guides

Download these helpful guides with questions and other resources to use in leading group discussions on the topics of each book.

White Picket Fences: 7-Session Bible Study

White Picket Fences: 3-Session Guide

White Picket Fences: 1-Session Guide

Small Talk Discussion Guide


Check out these additional resources from Amy Julia.

Head Heart Hands:
An Action Guide {Companion to White Picket Fences}

How to Start Reading the Bible

Missing Out on Beautiful: 7 Essays about Raising a Child with Down Syndrome

Learning to Love: 5 Essays of the Fears, Hopes & Possibilities of Parenting

Prepare Him Room: Advent Reflections on What Happens When God Shows Up

Real Life with Penny: Journal Entries from 2006-2008

A Serious Pleasure: 30 Books For Families To Enjoy

The Reality of Hope: 3 Essays on Finding Meaning In The Midst of Grief and Loss

Additional Resources

In addition to her books, ebooks, discussion guides and blog, Amy Julia has written for a number of nationally recognized publications, been featured as a guest on many podcasts and appeared in several videos which you can access below.