#21: Darkness and Light

Episode #21 — Darkness and Light: The darkness of the human heart. We don’t like to talk about that darkness, not at Christmastime, and really

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not prepared

#18: Not Prepared

Episode #18 — Not Prepared: I’m more or less ready for Christmas. But am I ready for Jesus? Not really. I’m not prepared for Jesus

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#14: Love Hates

Episode #14 — Love Hates: In today’s episode, I look at Mary’s song and an uncomfortable truth about who God is. Yes, God is love.

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#13: Being Elizabeth

Episode #13 — Being Elizabeth: What does it take for Mary to have hope? It takes God’s word, sure. But it also takes Elizabeth. It

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shame and glory

#11: Shame and Glory

Episode #11: Shame and Glory — In the moment, which we now call “the Annunciation,” Mary said “yes” to both shame and glory, writes poet

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holy questions

#9: Holy Questions

EPISODE #9: Holy Questions — A baby born of a virgin, a God who became a human being, a promise that the entire world will

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#7: Waiting

EPISODE #7: Waiting—Advent involves the sorrowful expectation in the waiting that God will indeed bring good news by showing up in our messy, broken lives.

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somber exile

#6: Somber Exile

EPISODE #6: Somber Exile—There is nothing trite about this time of year. In today’s podcast we see that Advent is a time of sorrowful expectation,

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