graphic is a picture of a river surrounded by trees with the sun shining through and text overlay that says Lenten Reflection Week 4 Psalm 23 and also a picture of Amy Julia Becker in a circle frame

Lenten Reflection | Psalm 23

What does Psalm 23 have to do with worry? I used to think I wasn’t a person who worried about much. And I didn’t worry much about external dangers—germs and scrapes and bruises, for me or my kids. But eventually, I realized how much I worry about everything else. All the invisible, internal stuff. I worried about appearance and achievement and being a good enough mom and getting things right and doing enough and being enough and on and on.

And so I started to pay attention to how God invites me to handle worry.

Today’s Lenten reflection on Psalm 23 is about exactly that—offering our fears and anxious thoughts and concerns to God, receiving God’s presence, and being sent forth into the world in peace.

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