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Fasting From Podcasts (Listening to God)

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I consume information all the time. If I’m driving, washing dishes, brushing my teeth, even walking from one room to another, I am almost always listening to something. I listen to NPR’s early morning news roundup. I listen to a whole host of podcasts—news, sermons, Bible nerd material, spiritual healing, political commentary. 

But one day in January, I was talking with a friend about how I really needed to listen to God. I had experienced a series of disappointments and rejections, and I wasn’t sure whether to persevere or to take this as a sign to give up. 

She suggested that I “fast” from listening to podcasts until I heard what I needed to hear. I could open up more silence so that I could listen for the Spirit. 

She might as well have suggested I cut off my right hand. 

But I knew it was the right thing to do. 

Since that day, I’ve been “fasting” from listening on Mondays. And in all those in-between moments when I desperately want to click play on a sermon or an interview or an audiobook or a news update, instead I pray.

I haven’t heard anything revolutionary. I can only trust that this practice attunes me to the Spirit’s gentle whisper. I hope and pray that it is opening me up to the voice of love.

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