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A Few of My Favorite Things: Week 1

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Week 1 of sharing with you a few of my favorite things, which this week include a place, a resource, two essays, and a TV show!


Many of you know that Penny, Marilee, and I traveled to Hope Heals Camp a few weeks ago, and this Saturday Hope Heals Camp is coming to you! You can catch a glimpse of camp in action and benefit from the teaching and worship and Sandra McCracken’s concert and the gentle spirit of hope and healing that we got to be a part of there. Register here for this Livestream event!


I loved the BioLogos teaching on Genetic Diversity. It’s a “new science/faith curriculum for high school science educators—both homeschoolers and teachers at Christian schools,” but it would also be a great resource for any church leader trying to teach about disability and genetic differences in biological sex chromosomes. This all sounds complex, and it is, but BioLogos has done an excellent job in making it relatable without dumbing down the concepts. 


Caitlin Flanagan and David Brooks both wrote helpful essays about the complexities of understanding racism in America. I learned from both of them.

In How Racist Is America? Brooks points out the ways systemic racism is at work while also offering lots of data to show how things are significantly improving for certain racial and ethnic groups.

In The University of California Is Lying to Us, Flanagan argues that the recent move to disregard standardized tests disregards the research and also harms Asian Americans.  


I’m totally late to this series, but Peter and I are really enjoying the first season of Ted Lasso. We made the mistake of watching the first episode with our kids, which was just uncomfortable for everyone. But the two of us together are really enjoying this earnest and funny story about an American football coach trying to coach a British football (i.e. American soccer) team.

I hope you’ve enjoyed week 1 of my favorite things. What are some of your favorite places, resources, essays, or TV shows?

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