choosing courage in a world divided

S4 E9 | Choosing Courage in a World Divided with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and Raymond Chang

How do we respond by choosing courage in order to bridge the divisions facing our country? Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Raymond Chang, and Amy Julia Becker reflect on racial injustice, unity, discipleship, and ways to courageously love our neighbors.



Natasha Sistrunk Robinson is an author, speaker, former US Marine Corps captain, Naval Academy Graduate, and founder of Leadership LINKS, Inc. Raymond Chang is the president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC), a pastor, and writer. 

On the Podcast:

Choosing Courage in a World Divided quotes | Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Raymond Chang, and Amy Julia Becker

“Unity has always been at the heart of God. So has diversity…it’s not unity in uniformity, which is what we see in a lot of evangelical spaces.” – Ray

“When we see these things [racial injustice and civic unrest] happening, it is a cause for mourning. It’s a cause for lament. It’s a cause for care and concern and hospitality.” – Natasha

“The church should have so much to offer that our culture doesn’t have in a time of turmoil because we believe in a God of love and in a God of love for every individual human being and for our world in an even broader sense.” – Amy Julia

“The Christian ethic is to move towards the stranger, not away from the stranger; move towards the other, not away from the other; move towards the person who’s different, not away from them.” – Ray

“We’re called to both preach and practice the Gospel. We’re called to embody the Kingdom of God.” – Ray

“We have to count the cost of discipleship, and when we talk about this issue of racial justice and injustice and unity, and all these things, if you really commit to it, it’s going to cost you something…I always talk about these issues as discipleship issues—they are discipleship issues.” – Natasha

“The biblical understanding of justice is about proactive care for the vulnerable.” – Amy Julia

Thank you to the Church of the Apostles in Raleigh, NC, and the Center for Christianity and Scholarship for sponsoring this panel discussion.

Thank you to Breaking Ground, the co-host for this podcast.

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