graphic with text that says Jesus asked, What do you want me to do for you. It is an act of deep trust in the love of God to answer Jesus' question honestly. I have needs.

Revelation: I Have Needs

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It has been a revelation to me to discover that I have needs. Not just that my kids have needs and my husband has needs and my community has needs. But that I—yes, me, the one over here—I have needs.

I Have Needs

Yes, I have needs. And not just material needs like food and shelter. But needs like time to myself. Needs like rest. Needs that might conflict with satisfying what everyone else wants or even what everyone else needs. 

In Bible study last week I was teaching from a passage in Luke 18 where Jesus asks, “What do you want me to do for you?” 

Jesus’ Invitation

One person in our group said they didn’t think Jesus would ask that anymore because Jesus has already done everything for us. Someone else politely disagreed, and we talked about whether Jesus is still inviting us to tell him what we want. Whether Jesus invites us to give him…

Not the pious answer. 

Not the Sunday school answer.

But the “I’m a human being with real needs” answer.  

It is an act of deep trust in the love of God to answer Jesus’ question honestly.

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