tattered flag depicting the resilience of love that is stronger than fear after 9/11

On 9/11, We Remember That Love Is Stronger Than Fear

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Evil is always (and only) a distortion of the good. This world was created good, and at the core of every human, the core of every created being, is the goodness of God. Evil cannot create. It can only destroy. And only God, only Love, can create and redeem and bring new life. 

Today we remember the destruction wrought on airplanes and buildings and human lives twenty years ago. We remember the thousands of lives lost then, and the thousands of lives lost fighting wars since then. It is easy to respond only with fear and despair and anger and a sense of hopeless futility. 

We are invited instead to heed the refrain that runs throughout the Bible when God says, “Do not be afraid. I am with you.” 

Fear is overcome by the presence of God, the presence of Love.

Destruction is overcome by the power of creation, the power of Love.

We are invited to respond to the chaos and evil of destruction and loss with the beauty and goodness of love. With proactive care for vulnerable people. With kindness that cuts across ethnic and religious lines. With pragmatic generosity of time and money and food and shelter. 

We are invited to believe that goodness is more enduring than evil, that creation is more powerful than destruction, and that love is stronger than fear.

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