Spiritual Practices for Personal and Social Healing

AJB Recommends: Spiritual Practices for Personal and Social Healing

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It’s hard to heal myself. It’s hard to even admit I need healing, much less figure out how to do whatever it takes or what spiritual practices to follow to allow that personal healing to happen. And even harder if I’m thinking about a broader work of social healing.

I’ve been away this week for a writing retreat where I had a chance to think and write and pray (and get distracted) about healing. You’ll get my official thoughts in book form sometime next spring (more on that very soon!), but for now, I wanted to pass along a few podcasts and books I found helpful this week as I continue to explore the way Jesus offers us healing for mind, body, spirit, and community.

Spiritual Practices for Personal and Social Healing

Open Door Sisterhood

Doug and Adele Calhoun do a wonderful job of talking about the Enneagram on the Open Door Sisterhood. The Calhouns co-wrote a really helpful workbook on the same themes. Whether it’s through the podcast or the workbook or both, they are wise guides to using this personality tool to seek out spiritual practices that open ourselves up to healing. 

The Bible Project

This one is for Bible-nerds, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how true rest is an aspect of deep healing. This whole series from The Bible Project on 7th-Day rest was helpful to me, but I particularly loved this episode about Jesus as Lord of the Sabbath.

Comment Magazine

As for reading, I was really grateful for David Bailey’s article about the way Reconciliation is Spiritual Formation, and how that work is also a part of God’s healing work in the world and in our personal lives.

The Body Keeps the Score

Finally, I picked up Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score. This one has made the rounds since it came out in 2014, and it is a fascinating, readable, scientific and yet highly personal explanation of how trauma and experiences of suffering lodge within our bodies. If you aren’t up for a 300+ page read, this interview between van der Kolk and Krista Tippett is a great place to get a sense of his work. 

Jesus Offers Healing

As I leave these few days of listening and reading and writing, I’m only more convinced that Jesus offers healing to all of us, and we all are in need of healing.

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