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Love Is Stronger Than Fear Podcast | Season 4

Love is stronger than fear. I first wrote those words on the heels of Donald Trump’s election back in 2016, and they became a truth I returned to again and again in the social tumult of the past four years.

They also became the title of my podcast, and I’m excited to announce that Season 4 of the podcast Love Is Stronger Than Fear starts today! It’s a short episode today, an introduction to the season ahead, including guests like Jemar TisbyLiuan Huska, and Katherine Wolf, who will help me consider how to live in love instead of fear in the midst of personal pain and social division.

Season 4 of the Podcast: Head, Heart, Hands

This season, we’re looking at the themes of my e-book Head, Heart, Hands. We’ll be talking about the way we can learn, relate, and respond with action to the brokenness in our own lives and our culture when it comes to race, class, disability, and other dividing lines within our culture.

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We are on a mission to help people believe that we can make a difference. We can heal. We can proclaim that hope and love and joy and justice win. This podcast is just one small part of a larger healing work that we are all invited into.

I hope you’ll join us in the conversation on Season 4 of the podcast. And I hope you’ll put the conversation into action in this broken world because you too have come to believe that love is stronger than fear.

Head, Heart, Hands, Season 4 of the Love Is Stronger Than Fear podcast, is based on my e-book Head, Heart, Hands, which accompanies White Picket Fences. Check out free RESOURCES that are designed to help you respond to the harm of privilege and join in the work of healing.


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