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Katherine Wolf Endorses To Be Made Well

One of my greatest fears in writing To Be Made Well was that it would oversimplify healing or overspiritualize pain. I wanted to offer real insight and guidance into how we can be made well. I wanted to insist that Jesus’ healing is for each of us and for all of us. But I worried that people who suffer from chronic pain, people who have disabilities, people with clinical depression or anxiety or any number of the other woes that beset us in our minds and bodies, might find their experiences diminished or overlooked in these pages. 

In the context of those fears, Katherine Wolf’s Foreword to To Be Made Well only became more meaningful to me.

I literally cried when I read it.

I’m so grateful for her ministry in the world and her partnership in bringing this book to people.

And I’m really excited to tell you that you are invited to a party to celebrate the launch of To Be Made Well! David Bailey, director of Arrabon, will be emceeing the evening, and Katherine will be there for a conversation about all things healing. We would love for you to join us to learn more about the book and to ask your questions. It’s at 8 pm ET on Monday night, March 14th.

Space is limited, so please register here.

To Be Made Well—which may be my favorite book yet by Amy Julia—is as personal as it is universal. It’s not been formed theoretically from pages in libraries but lived out and embodied in community. This is a guidebook full of hard-earned insight. This is a trail blazed through the wilderness. I’m so grateful for Amy Julia’s vulnerable and wise offering in these pages. It may just be the beginning of your own redefining.

-Katherine Wolf, Foreword excerpt
Co-Founder of HOPE HEALS
Author of Hope Heals & Suffer Strong

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