how brokenness brings healing with Katherine Wolf

S4 E3 | How Brokenness Brings Healing with Katherine Wolf

Can God truly heal, redeem, and transform brokenness? Katherine Wolf, coauthor of Suffer Strong and co-founder of Hope Heals, talks with Amy Julia about the reality of disability and pain, redefining brokenness and healing, how brokenness brings healing, and the game-changing nature of community. (Keep scrolling for book giveaway of Suffer Strong.)



“Katherine Wolf miraculously survived a catastrophic stroke caused by a congenital brain defect she never knew she had. After a sixteen-hour brain surgery, forty days in the ICU, a year in neuro rehab, and eleven operations, she continues her recovery to this day.” Katherine and her husband, Jay, are the authors of Suffer Strong and Hope Heals and the founders of Hope Heals and Hope Heals Camp.

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How Brokenness Brings Healing episode quotes | Katherine Wolf

“The Lord has really used what was terrible, tragic brokenness and transformed that into something really beautiful. We love our story of redemption.”

“It’s not a rejection of the body that we’re in. It’s a deeper understanding of the body we’re in and how it can enable us to see truths about God differently than if it were ‘normal.’”

“Community is a game-changer for healing.”

“True community isn’t trying to be outcome changers. They’re not trying to pray away your pain. They’re just with you in it… True community isn’t trying to stamp a Jesus sticker on your pain because it’s so much bigger than something a sticker could do…I need the truth of Jesus but not yet. In this moment I need you to cry with me and feel the loss with me and let it be shocking to you.”

“God has equipped me in these years of suffering.”

“The communal, almost instant, embracing of each other [at camp] has everything to do with the fact that living the ‘American dream’ is no longer available to these families, so they’re not concerned with it anymore. They’re on the other end of the spectrum where they actually are wanting to disrupt the lie that joy only comes in a pain-free life. They are banding together to proclaim that we’re not going to worship the idol of a pain-free life. It’s not available. That’s not our story. But there’s still joy in this story, and we can celebrate life and God being in the midst right here and right now.”

“Disability reiterates the deep need of community to get through this life, to live…and to thrive and to flourish in our stories.” 


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