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God Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

In her book Suffer Strong, Katherine Wolf writes, “It seems that God does give us more than we can handle—sometimes much more. And yet He does this so He can handle it for us and so we can handle it together.”

I’ve been thinking about those words ever since I first read them a few years ago. 

This pandemic is more than we can handle.

These snowstorms are more than we can handle.

The broken washing machine and friend whose marriage is in crisis and overdue bills and worry about my child’s friendships and hurt from my past and fears for my future are more than I can handle.

We are invited to turn to God with everything we can’t handle.

We are invited to turn to one another with everything we can’t handle.

We are invited to show up for each other and carry one another’s burdens. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest,” Jesus says.

We are invited to come, to give him everything we can’t handle, and to receive the comfort and care and assurance that we aren’t supposed to be able to handle it all on our own.

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