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Time to Heal

How many people feel inexplicably exhausted right now? We’ve all felt a little bit beaten up these past few years. 

It Takes Time to Heal

A friend of mine slid down an embankment last week. She bruised the backside of her body and scraped her face. She didn’t need to see a doctor. She didn’t need any special treatment. But she got hurt, and in order to heal, she would need to pay attention to her body, rest, and slowly return to her typical activities. 

We took a walk a few days after the accident. She could walk, but it hurt too much to run. I was reminded of friends who have broken bones and found that in the weeks following their accidents, they slept for hours longer than usual. And of friends recovering from Covid, who have felt fine during the day unless they exercise and realize their body is still in the process of repair.

It takes time to recover from injury. It takes time to heal. It takes rest and quiet and waiting and trust.

Now Is a Time to Heal

So for everyone out there who feels exhausted right now—even as spring approaches, even as masks come off—maybe that exhaustion is just a sign that you are healing. 

Let’s be gentle and gracious and patient with ourselves and with one another. Now is a time to heal.

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