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I’m Booking Zoom Events

booking zoom eventsI’m booking Zoom events! One day, I’m going to get on an airplane and fly to a school and a church and a conference center and connect with people in person and speak and teach and I can’t wait. Two of those dates—the showing-up-in-person-to-speak dates—are already in the works (Asbury University next fall and The Festival of Faith and Writing in 2022).

Meanwhile, it fills me with excitement and gratitude to look ahead to online teaching and speaking this winter, with school and church communities continuing to read and discuss White Picket Fences.

I’m currently booking Zoom events for the late winter and spring. If you have a school, church, or community group that would benefit from a conversation about privilege, faith, and participating in healing, please reach out. I’d love to be “with” you, even from afar.

To read more about Amy Julia’s speaking engagements and Zoom events, keep reading:

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