Friday Favorites: The Best of Enemies

Gradient blue graphic with podcast logos for On Being and Everything Happens and film cover art for The Best of EnemiesIf you like true stories that are also inspirational and suggest that love really can overcome hatred and fear, you have to watch The Best of Enemies.

The Best of Enemies

This film tells the true story of C.P. Ellis, leader of the local KKK in Durham, NC, and Ann Atwater, a Black community organizer. These two were tasked with co-chairing a ten-day process to determine the fate of Durham’s public schools back in the early 1970s. They began as enemies. As the title suggests, that enmity did not last. Ann Atwater chooses to love her enemy at various turns throughout this process, and that love overcomes Ellis’ deep-seated hatred. That love changes his life. {watch movie}

Two Podcasts Worth Listening To

Plus two podcasts worth listening to:

“Our future is still in our hands”

Katharine Hayhoe talks with Krista Tippett about why she—as an evangelical Christian who is also a climate scientist—has hope for the future. {listen here}

Toxic Positivity

And Susan David talks with Kate Bowler about the problem of Toxic Positivity. {listen here}

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