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three heroes of 2019

Three Heroes of 2019

My three heroes of 2019! I’m someone who really enjoys looking back on what has already happened and planning ahead for what is to come.

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#25: Merry Christmas

Episode #25 — Merry Christmas: Our children will open presents today, and their joy at receiving gifts that they cannot buy for themselves will remind

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#21: Darkness and Light

Episode #21 — Darkness and Light: The darkness of the human heart. We don’t like to talk about that darkness, not at Christmastime, and really

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not prepared

#18: Not Prepared

Episode #18 — Not Prepared: I’m more or less ready for Christmas. But am I ready for Jesus? Not really. I’m not prepared for Jesus

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#14: Love Hates

Episode #14 — Love Hates: In today’s episode, I look at Mary’s song and an uncomfortable truth about who God is. Yes, God is love.

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#13: Being Elizabeth

Episode #13 — Being Elizabeth: What does it take for Mary to have hope? It takes God’s word, sure. But it also takes Elizabeth. It

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shame and glory

#11: Shame and Glory

Episode #11: Shame and Glory — In the moment, which we now call “the Annunciation,” Mary said “yes” to both shame and glory, writes poet

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holy questions

#9: Holy Questions

EPISODE #9: Holy Questions — A baby born of a virgin, a God who became a human being, a promise that the entire world will

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#7: Waiting

EPISODE #7: Waiting—Advent involves the sorrowful expectation in the waiting that God will indeed bring good news by showing up in our messy, broken lives.

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somber exile

#6: Somber Exile

EPISODE #6: Somber Exile—There is nothing trite about this time of year. In today’s podcast we see that Advent is a time of sorrowful expectation,

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#3: Prepare Him Room

EPISODE #3: Prepare Him Room—Today’s passage from Matthew 1:22-25 is about how Joseph and Mary prepared to welcome Jesus as their son, which reminds me

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