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Books About Disability and Theology


The “theology of disability” is a topic that might sound obscure or abstract, but it has been life-changing for me. The theology of anything is just a fancy way of saying “here’s how God sees this topic.” The word theology comes from the Greek words for God (theos) and Word (logos). The theology of anything is God’s thoughts, God’s logic, God’s understanding. 

I’ve come to believe that if I understand God’s logic around disability, I’ve come to understand God’s logic about humanity. I understand myself and everyone else more clearly if I understand how God sees people with disabilities. 

So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite books about the theology of disability. I’m including memoirs first, moving into works of more straightforward theology. These books should give you a place to start considering what it means to be a beloved human before God. (I’ve also indicated the people I’ve had a chance to talk with on my podcast. If you’re intrigued, you can listen to the conversation and then decide if you want to dive into the whole book!)


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