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Happy 17th Birthday, Penny!

Penny turns 17 today! Happy 17th birthday, Penny!

A few nights ago at a family dinner, I asked everyone to name something they sincerely appreciate about everyone else at the table. Peter wisely suggested we each take the time to write down our appreciations, and here’s what we each said about Penny:

“I appreciate the way you always hug me when I come home.” –William

“I appreciate the way you don’t compare yourself to other people.” –Amy Julia

“I appreciate your sincere drive about the activities and people who matter to you.” –Peter

“I appreciate how you always lighten up our moods.” –Marilee

These simple statements paint a portrait of a young woman who is kind and generous, hardworking and sincere, purposeful and openhearted. 

Penny doesn’t live in the world of comparisons or social hierarchies. She loves openly and with her whole being. 

Penny is also the hardest person we know to buy a gift for, because she doesn’t care about material possessions. She cares about people. (And tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. But, sadly, we did not win a spot in that queue.)

She brings us joy and laughter and warmth and goodness. Penny, we celebrate you today!

Happy Birthday!

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