Amy Julia stands on the glass-encased floor of One Vanderbilt. Her mouth and eyes are wide open and she looks up at a camera high above her.

January Introductions

This community has been growing in recent months, and I’ve started doing a little introduction on a monthly basis. Which is fun for me for two reasons. One, I get to know a little bit about you, so please do share in response.  Two, it keeps me on the lookout for “fun facts” about myself, which might otherwise be known as quirky habits or strange things that one would only share in our strange age of social media. Here goes:

  1. I am not as afraid of heights as I would have expected. I learned this recently when Peter gave me a Christmas present of a trip to NYC, and we went to the top of One Vanderbilt (see photo) and stood on the glass-encased outcropping and looked down to the street 91 floors beneath our feet.
    Amy Julia stands on the glass-encased floor of One Vanderbilt. Her mouth and eyes are wide open and she looks up at a camera high above her.
  2. I spend the majority of my workday sitting cross-legged with a cat on my lap. Those days are really good days when they involve some combination of writing, preparing for talks, reading, and interviewing interesting people for my podcast, Love Is Stronger than Fear.
    Amy Julia sits cross-legged at her desk and holds a gray cat in her lap
  3. Some of you already know that I’m an Enneagram One. I am also a Myers-Briggs INTJ. I don’t really know what this means other than that I get energy from being alone or with small groups of people who like to have pretty deep, somewhat abstract conversations. I also like lists and getting things done. And it truly baffles me when people don’t load the dishwasher correctly ( I know there isn’t really a correct way to load the dishwasher, but in my mind there really is!).
  4. I used to keep to-do lists all over the house. I would pile up three or four on my desk and make a master list in the morning. Now, I use a planner (Full Focus Planner), and the idea is that I keep one master list there. But when I am away from said planner, I email myself. So my unread email inbox usually contains at least five items from me, reminding me of shows I want to watch, books I want to read, and things like calling the dentist to make sure we all have appointments soon.
  5. I really like teenagers in general, and our three kids in particular. Penny is 17 and William is 14. I think of Marilee as 11 going on 21. So they all count as teens in my book, and I delight in them. It’s only now that I’m kind of wishing they would never grow up.
    Marilee, William, and Penny smile at the camera with their arms around each other. They stand on an outcropping with trees and a city below them.

What about you? Are you scared of heights? Is a pet part of your daily life? What’s your Enneagram number or Myers–Briggs type indicator? Do you use a planner?

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