Penny and William hold hands and walk up a dirt, mountain path lined by brush

Overheard on the Trail: Best Brother

“You’re my only brother. But you’re the best brother.”

We took a hike as a family over the winter break. It was mostly up a small mountain, and Penny struggled to keep up. The footing was a little slippery, with enough rocks and roots to make it feel unstable. It was the second strenuous hike in as many days. She was tired. Her feet hurt. She needed support. 

Peter lent a hand the first day. On the second day, William stepped in. He extended his hand and walked with his big sister. Every so often, he offered a word of encouragement. But mostly they talked. I stayed ahead of them by a few yards, close enough to overhear but far enough away not to interrupt. 

And then I heard her say, “You’re my only brother. But you’re the best brother.”

I am very grateful, for both of them, that they get to walk together.

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