Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary of White Picket Fences!

Today I am celebrating the one year anniversary of the publication of White Picket Fences. It’s hard to believe it only came out a year ago because I have learned and grown so much since it first rolled off the presses. (Truth be told, it was a little more than a year ago that it came out, but I wanted to focus on Down syndrome awareness in October!) 

Over the course of the past year, I traveled to states throughout the country, including the South, the North, the Midwest, and as far as Colorado. In all those places, I’ve learned that lots of people want to talk about privilege but are scared to do so. I’ve learned that honesty and vulnerability leads to human connection. I’ve learned that action is possible in response to the harm of privilege. And I’ve learned about so many beautiful people taking healing action in their local communities.

I have a lot in store this month as a part of celebrating this anniversary. I’ll be sharing a brand new website (more on that very soon). I’ll be offering a new free ebook that is an action guide for people who want to respond meaningfully to the harm of privilege. I’ll be writing blog posts that connect gratitude to themes related to privilege. I’ll be doing a giveaway of White Picket Fences. And I will be sharing other people’s stories about how White Picket Fences has allowed connection and change within their local communities. 

For now, take a moment and celebrate with me in one (or more) of three ways:

  • If you haven’t read or listened to it already, buy White Picket Fences (or ask your local library to buy it for you!)
  • Review White Picket Fences on Amazon or Goodreads
  • And/or tell a friend about White Picket Fences on social media.

White Picket Fences covers hard topics, with the purpose of moving towards healing. What a gift is has been to participate in that healing process with so many of you. Thank you. 

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  1. sophy

    Congratulations on the anniversary, I’ve been following White Picket Fences since the time it first rolled out. Really looking forward to the launch of the new website

    1. Amy Julia Becker

      Thanks so much! I am so excited about the website as well–stay tuned!

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