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Geraldine Brooks’ Endorsement of White Picket Fences

“I am grateful that Amy Julia Becker had the courage to create White Picket Fences. It’s such an essential discussion, so relevant and yet somehow so difficult, and I admire immensely how deftly, gracefully, and movingly she has told her own story and set it in a wide context.” — Geraldine Brooks

I have loved Geraldine Brooks’ writing for years. I remember reading her Pulitzer Prize winning novel, March, in the wee hours of the morning while trying to rock William back to sleep. I’m amazed that even in my sleep-deprived state, I can still, eleven years later, recall some of the details of her characterization of Rev. March, the father from Little Women. I went on to read all her other books, both the historical fiction and the riveting People of the Book

So you can only imagine how fangirly I felt (yes, I’m a nerdy fangirl but a fangirl of authors nonetheless) when I had a chance to meet Geraldine Brooks a few years ago. She’s a lovely person, and I cannot be more grateful for the words she wrote after reading my most recent book. As a part of this month’s focus on the one-year anniversary of launching White Picket Fences into the world, I want to share her kind words of support here.

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