AJB Recommends Resources About Loving Your Enemies

AJB Recommends: How to Love Across Divisions

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to love people across the various divisions we experience right now, and these podcasts and articles have been helpful to me:

On Being podcast

This podcast interview between Krista Tippett and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gives an example of love across opposition. They talk a lot about religious difference, and at one point Sacks comments:

It’s when you can feel your opponent’s pain that you’re beginning the path that leads to reconciliation.


For the Life of the World podcast

I also really loved this interview between Miroslav Volf and Sacks. To hear these two men from different faiths talk together about love, joy, the Sabbath, and pursuing the common good gave me hope. 


New York Times article

Read this article from the New York Times about a Black Professor from Smith College who is teaching students to challenge the “call-out culture” and instead “call in.” She is modeling how to love across ideological differences. 


New York Times Opinion article

And finally, David Brooks’ piece about how to engage in conversation included this line:

Every human being is a miracle, and your superior in some way.”

What would it be like if we assumed that every person we encountered who society deems “inferior”—the child with Down syndrome, the day laborer, the homeless man down the block—what if we assumed that they each were superior to us in some way, and what if we became curious about that idea? I have a feeling it would teach us something about love.

Continue learning with Amy Julia about love across divisions:

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