Amy Julia sitting in a white chair reading a book and holding a gray kitty

Welcome to This Online Community!

scrapbook graphic with pictures of Amy Julia sitting in a chair reading a book and holding a gray kitty and a picture of her standing at a podium speakingHello friends! Welcome to this community! For those of you who are new around here, I thought I’d introduce myself. Here are three things you should know about me. I am: 

Officially middle-aged.

In love with words, especially words about God.

A cat-lover.

  1. Officially middle-aged. I just turned 44. Honestly, every year in my 40s so far has felt like a relief. I have always overfunctioned and behaved older than I was. I skipped kindergarten and got married at 22 and never went through an adolescent rebellion. I’ll take the wrinkles. I’m just glad I arrived in this place where I think I always belonged. 
  2. In love with words, especially words about God. So I’m a reader and a writer and a speaker, and I’m happy to read and write on many topics. But I particularly love reading the Bible and learning from other writers and thinkers about who God is and how that relates to our everyday lives. 
  3. Cat-lover. I put this one at the end of the list because I thought you might be a cat-hater who decided not to follow me anymore if I told you! But it’s just true. We went for 5 years without a cat, and then we became some of those pandemic-pet people. Peppa came into our lives last fall, and now every morning she waits for me downstairs and cuddles in my lap while I journal and read the Bible and pray.

Okay, your turn. What’s one thing I should know about you?

(I’ll be jumping on IG stories later today for an Ask Me Anything session! Get your questions ready!)

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