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a blue graphic with scrapbook type pictures taped on; pictures include one of Amy Julia writing, holding a cat, her children, her family outside, and her speakingHi friends and welcome. Some of you are new around here, so I wanted to pause and introduce myself.

So first of all, I have a double name. Amy Julia. Or AJ. My parents lived in North Carolina when I was born, and they got swept away by their newfound southerness.

Second, I love reading and writing and teaching, especially about spiritual questions and longings and love. I have an MDiv (which is short for a fancy and intimidating-sounding Masters of Divinity), and my favorite thing to do is to take big ideas about God and Jesus and make that accessible to people like you and me so that we can talk and question and think together. 

Third, I am the mother to three kids: Penny, William, and Marilee. I often write and speak and teach about the ways our kids have prompted me to think and question and grow. I wrote one book called A Good and Perfect Gift about what it took for me to receive Penny, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, as a gift. And then another book called Small Talk about how all three of them prompted me to fall apart and grow up as a mom. 

Fourth, I am really interested in personal and social healing. I wrote another book called White Picket Fences about confronting the harm of social divisions and turning towards love as a way of healing. I’m working on a new book now about who Jesus is as a healer (more on that to come!). And I have a podcast called Love Is Stronger Than Fear where I get to interview amazing people about what it might mean to participate in social healing. 

Fifth, I love Paris tea with almond milk and honey in an Ember mug. I drink way too much of this daily. 

Sixth, I don’t really have words to say how grateful I am for my husband, Peter. He looks a little bit like Clark Kent and has that same handsome, secretly-nerdy, strong and kind thing going on.

I am running out of space so that is all I will write for now, but I would love to hear about you in the comments below. Welcome! Thanks for being here! 

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