Body Prayer: Prayers for When Your Body Hurts

Amy Julia looking at the camera and shrugging her shoulders with blue text overlay that says Body PrayersOver the past few years, I’ve experienced repeated physical healings that I have connected to body prayer.

I’m not talking about healing from grave diseases or serious injuries. I’m talking about those aches and pains and sicknesses that come up as we age. The ones that seem more prevalent when we get tired or stressed out. 

The knee that doesn’t want me to run anymore. The crick in my neck that just won’t go away. The persistent cough that no doctor can diagnose.

Signals to Pay Attention

I became convinced that these low-level aches and pains were signals from my body to my soul to pay attention

And once I started to pay attention to these pains in my body, I began to learn how to pray in a way that brought healing. Feet, knees, hips, back, wrist, neck—all these areas and more have flared up in various ways over the years. All of them had something to tell me about thoughts or feelings I needed to address. All of them were invitations to receive truth from God about who I am and what Jesus wants to do in my life. 

Let me be clear: I’m a fan of medication. And doctors. And alternative medical treatments too. I just think we’ve separated our physical bodies from our spiritual selves, and until we learn how to reunite these aspects of ourselves, we will never be able to experience healing. 

Body Prayer

Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to offer one “body prayer” post each week. It will offer a verse from the Bible that can be used as a prayer for anyone experiencing pain or illness in that part of the body in hopes that greater spiritual awareness about our bodies helps us to be made well.

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