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Welcome to My Online Community!

Welcome to my online community! I wanted to pause for a moment and introduce myself to those of you who are new to this space. So here are some things to know about me:

I turned 45 last Saturday.

I love being in my 40s. I belong here so much more than I belonged as a teenager or 20- or 3–something. (Which is to say, I like being in my pajamas by 9:00. I have always enjoyed taking walks. I have never been hip or cool and now that seems kind of cute and endearing.)

I’m not that girl anymore.

I was recording a podcast interview the other day, and the host asked me if I’ve always been “so vivacious and enthusiastic.” And I thought—are you talking about the right person?!? As I told him, in my teenage years I was neither vivacious or enthusiastic most of the time. I wore a lot of charcoal gray. I never went to parties in college. And for many years, I’ve thought of myself as that sad, serious girl. But I’m starting to realize I’m not that girl anymore.

What’s fun for me…

That said, “fun” for me comprises of things like playing Wordle, exploring big ideas in conversation with friends, and reading good books. (Which is also to say, I love words. Reading, writing, teaching, speaking, conversations, discussions. All of it.)

I blow dry my hair every single day.

This might seem out of keeping with my otherwise casual-mom-who-works-at-home aesthetic, but the reason I blowdry my hair every day (in addition to vanity, and that I get cold easily from wet hair), is that I also still read magazines in print. 

I don’t know how to count how many books I’ve written.

That might sound like I’ve written dozens, which is not true. But I have one memoir that was self-published, four that have been traditionally published, and two self-published devotional guides. So I guess I can say I’ve written somewhere around 4-7 books in the past 15 years. Writing books is both risky and rewarding like nothing else. 

I’d love to hear about you too! What decade were you made for? What, if anything, do you read in print? What do you do for fun?

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