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It Is Time for a Third Political Party

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It is time for a third political party in the United States. I join many Americans when I say I am more moderate in my political views than either of the current parties. Many of us—across racial lines—are more moderate on abortion than either the strident pro-life or pro-choice camps allow. Many of us are more moderate on health care, taxes, and other social welfare programs. On education. On religious liberty. On sexuality and gender and identity. On immigration. On national defense.

Moderates and Politics

For years, moderates have had to choose between two parties that have become increasingly controlled by their most extreme participants. In recent years, the Tea party and the alt-right have come to dominate the Republican party. President Trump was able to mobilize the extremes of this party to his advantage, and to the detriment of our nation. So people like me, political moderates, have become increasingly supportive of the Democrats even when they do not represent many of our views.

Political Parties

The fissures within the Republican party have pushed many of us away. In light of the recent events in which Trump supporters stormed the Capitol of the United States and threatened the lives of our elected representatives on both sides of the aisle, the time has come for a new political party.

Leaders like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse and Lisa Murkowski and Pat Toomey Colin Powell (and the list is getting longer as I write) have expressed their rejection of President Trump’s actions (Powell went so far as to say he no longer calls himself a Republican). These leaders could take the risky, courageous step of creating a party for the conservatives who can’t abide Trumpism and the moderates who have migrated to the Democrats (also because they can’t abide Trumpism).

But it’s not just leaders who command respect and represent years of public service who could sway people. For the first time in many years, corporations have pulled away from supporting the Republicans. The money is moving. And the sad truth is that corporate purses control much of what happens in American politics.

Third Political Party

I’m not a politician or a political pundit or a historian. I’m just an ordinary citizen longing for a place where I can cast a vote. I’m longing for a conversation among our politicians that seeks after the common good of our nation. I’m longing for a way to break through the toxicity of what the Republican party has become. I’m longing for a way forward. Could a third political party provide that?

The American political system has a lot of cracks right now. I can only hope that something new can emerge out of that brokenness.

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