the miscellaneous life of a parent - watching your son ride a horse

The Miscellaneous Life of a Parent

gradient blue graphic with a picture of Marilee and Penny smiling at the camera and a picture of a side profile of William riding a horseMuch of the default parent life should be filed under the category “miscellaneous.” That’s what my friend Patricia says.

Things like…

Filling out the forms for soccer (I talked a big game last year about my kids learning to fill out their own forms. I still forget that they can do it, then end up doing it myself.)

Collecting the dirty wayward sock stuck in the screen door

Getting the oil changed

Collecting the stool sample from the cat for the vet

Helping Penny find a rehearsal dinner dress, and shoes, and jewelry, for an upcoming wedding she’s in

Returning the four pairs of shoes that didn’t fit

Texting three friends to see if they can help with carpooling, then texting them all again to say that practice was canceled due to rain


In our household, this means doing (not always, but sometimes) the things that no one wants to do. Driving in another circle for pickup. Listening (without responding in anger) to another complaint about the fact that I won’t buy Flaming Cheetos (or some such product). Holding the line at only thirty minutes on Instagram. 

And pulling them all close for a hug and a kiss at the end of the day and reminding myself that even miscellaneous is part of stitching together a life of love. 

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