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The Hidden Impact of Abled Privilege in the Church | Faithward

“One of the insidious harms of privilege is the subtle way it convinces people that some are more valuable and necessary to the body of Christ than others.” – Amy Julia Becker

One of the coolest things about serving at Hope Heals last week was the blurred lines between people with disabilities and typical people. Marilee became friends with a boy with a vision impairment who was there as a volunteer. Penny served as a volunteer and also participated in camper activities. As the mother of a child with a disability, I too could have been on the giving or receiving end.

There was a recognition of the reality that some of us are in positions where we need care and assistance right now. There was also a recognition that all of us have the capacity to serve, no matter our status as “able” or “disabled.”

Abled Privilege in Church

I had a chance to write a short piece (which you can read here) about the way churches inadvertently exclude people with disabilities from inclusion and worship and ministry for a new book Everybody Belongs, Serving Together.

Everybody Belongs, Serving Together

This book includes practical ways to integrate the typically developing population and individuals with disabilities. But it also offers a change in perspective, a way to see what it might mean for us all to serve alongside one another and mutually benefit from one another’s presence. 

This book can be found in print, ebook, and audiobook formats (coming soon to Audible!). It is also available online, fully interactive and with bonus content, at


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