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Talking About To Be Made Well on Podcasts

So grateful for the insightful, thoughtful podcast hosts who have interviewed me about To Be Made Well!

The Lucky Few: What a wonderful conversation about healing and disability and breath prayers and being made well. 

-ing Podcast: So great to talk with Ben Wideman about healing in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol: Grateful to talk with Dr. Carol about healing for hurting bodies, souls, relationships, and communities.

Unleash Your Soul Song: I loved how Becki Fleischer guided the conversation and her description of To Be Made Well as relatable and thoughtful.

That Makes Total Sense: Alexis Busetti and I talked about how our faith can be meager and little and how Jesus still wants to pour out healing love.  

Susie Larson Live: What a beautiful conversation with Susie Larson about the healing that happens as we dwell in the deep and wide love of God.

Faith Conversations: Sitting down to talk with Anita Lustrea is a balm to the soul. We talked about all the ways God invites us towards wholeness. 

The Ride Home with John and Kathy: This is a great 10-minute introduction to the themes of To Be Made Well!

Mornings with Carmen: Having a child with a disability has formed and shaped me and been a huge part of my own healing process, and it was wonderful to get to talk about that with Carmen! 

All Things Life: Niro Feliciano and I talk about how physical, emotional, and spiritual healing are all connected.

The God Show: Pat McMahon and I talk about how the topic of healing could be relevant for citizens of Ukraine in the midst of a bloody and unjust war. 

The More You Know: It was an honor to talk with Jessica Grissom about the book and the brokenness and healing we’ve experienced in our own lives.

Crackers and Grape Juice: So great to talk with Jason Micheli about To Be Made Well (and how this book wasn’t what he was expecting!).

Saving You a Seat: Grateful to talk with Karen J. Hardwick about the nature of healing and how we are all invited to participate in healing.

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