S4 E8 | How Love Rescued Me From the Streets with Dorris Walker-Taylor

Is healing possible for women coming out of abuse, addiction, sex trafficking, and prostitution? Thistle Farms ambassador, Dorris Walker-Taylor, tells her story of being rescued from the streets, drugs, and loss through the healing power of love at Thistle Farms.



Dorris Walker-Taylor is an ambassador for Thistle Farms. Follow Thistle Farms online:

On the podcast:

How Love Rescued Me From the Streets episode | Dorris Walker-Taylor

“You can’t tell me that love is not stronger than fear—because it is. You can’t tell me that love is not the most powerful force for change in the world—because it is.”

“I always thought it was me against the world. This organization loved me back to life.”

“This whole world is in an uproar. And the only way we are going to be able to live in peace and unity is for love to come into the picture.”

“I could have responded to my father’s death in a lot of different ways, but the way I responded to it was not the right way because I thought I could cover up the pain with a chemical, and it manifested itself into just a horrible life. But God has brought me out of that, and I have done more living in these past 11 years than I did in the first 50 or so…the first four, five decades of my life were in ruins, but God has forgiven me of all my sins, which are many, and now he has blessed me to be able to go back out there and to tell women that there is a way out, that we do get our lives back.”

“I can certainly live in his will and do the things—be his arms and legs and feet and mouthpiece—as long as he wants me to because he loves me just that much. God chased me until I found him.”

“Come to Thistle Farms…and you’ll see, it’s as clear as night and day, the difference that love has made in our lives.”

Thank you to Breaking Ground, the co-host for this podcast.

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