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Roe v. Wade: Questions to Ask About the Supreme Court’s Draft

I find myself conflicted when it comes to the politics of abortion and Roe v. Wade. I’m like most Americans—I know I disagree with the extremes of both the pro-life and pro-choice sides of this debate. I know I want to protect and value every human life. I know bringing life into the world is complex and goes well beyond an individual choice because it involves a web of social supports that we often fail to provide. 

So I find myself asking questions more than coming up with answers in light of the news that the court might overturn its decision in Roe v. Wade:

What is the best argument on both sides of this debate? 

Who is hurting and am I willing to listen to their stories and enter into their pain? 

Where is love at work? 

Where is fear at work?

How can I love women who are afraid right now?

Regardless of what happens, how can I participate in actively valuing all human lives? 

How can I participate in healing a society that devalues women and children and the most vulnerable? 

How can I live in love?

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