Amy Coney Barrett, Down syndrome, and abortion

Amy Coney Barrett, Down Syndrome, and Abortion

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I have a new essay about Amy Coney Barrett, Down syndrome, and abortion (really light topics with no controversy!) up at the Religion News Service site today. I’ve been thinking for a while about how the media treats women in the public eye who have kids with Down syndrome and how it only exemplifies the problems we have as a nation in having compassionate conversations about abortion.

I wrote down some of these thoughts for this essay. I invite you to head over to RNS to read the piece and join the comment section over there to share your thoughts.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I know women whose partners left them after they chose to bring a child with Down syndrome into the world. I know children with Down syndrome who were abandoned at birth. I know the ache that arises in my heart, even as I write these words that might suggest there is no place for children with Down syndrome in our society. I also know the inestimable worth of my daughter and other children like her. The ethics surrounding abortion and disability have a long and fraught history that do not fall easily along party lines.”

Keep reading over at Religion News Service…

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