Q Ideas 2019: The Harm of Privilege

My Talk at Q Ideas 2019: The Harm of Privilege

It was a tremendous honor to speak about privilege in front of the audience at the Q Ideas conference last spring, where leaders from around the nation and globe gathered to hear over 40 different speakers speak on topics as far ranging as gun violence, personal health and well being, disability, education, and justice.

I only wish I had been able to hear more of the other speakers while I waited for my own 9 minutes under the lights. (And can I share candidly that I spent more hours preparing for those 9 minutes–which included a countdown clock on stage that the audience could also see–than I did for the hour-long talk I was giving later on in the week!)  The whole talk is available if you subscribe to Q Media (as are countless other great talks and resources). 

You can also check out my “Backstage Thoughts” from the Q Conference here:


I talk more about the harm of privilege and the ways that living life behind white picket fences can be harmful for us – even if the world might see us as lucky. I am grateful to Q Ideas for having me and for the work that they do to connect diverse voices on important topics.

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