Privilege, Social Divisions, and COVID-19

Privilege and covid-19

In White Picket Fences, I write,

The privilege of whiteness and wealth can become a wall against the privilege of being human, loved not for status or performance but simply loved, and able to give love in return not because of obligation but in grateful response to an invitation.

In this week’s episode of the Love is Stronger Than Fear podcast, I talk about what privilege is, what it is not, and how unearned social advantage can lead to unjust social divisions. The coronavirus has demonstrated these unjust social divisions as racial/ethnic and socioeconomic groups are experiencing the disease differently, with a proportionately higher number of African American and Hispanic people dying as a result of COVID-19.⁠

My hope in this episode is to begin to identify the things that keep us from experiencing and participating in God’s love. I talk about distraction, fear, and injustice. If we can identify what keeps us from love, that’s the first step in finding ways to turn away from those things and towards the full life God has for us and those around us.⁠


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