privilege and planning

Privilege and Planning

privilege and planning

Today, all three of our children are going to school, in person, for a full day. (Last week, they had a variety of half days and phase-in days, which is when I took this picture.) We are all feeling doubly grateful for teachers, for bus drivers, for administrators, and for friends! 

But I’m also doubly aware that this could change quickly. Pretty much everyone around here assumes that we will move to a hybrid model and perhaps even back into remote learning at some point this fall. It will feel like a tremendous victory if we make it to Thanksgiving. 

Privilege and Planning

A friend of mine pointed out recently that one of the hallmarks of privilege is predictability. Usually, I can predict our family’s schedules. Usually, I can know that when school starts they will attend it, in person, throughout the year. Usually, I can buy what we need (is anyone else still experiencing a shortage everywhere on all-purpose cleaner?!?). 

But affluence, education, and white skin cannot buy me predictability right now. I am living with a greater degree of uncertainty than I usually do, with a greater sense of vulnerability than I usually must. As you all know, it’s kept me up at night. It has brought me to my knees. 


I will be grateful when I can return to planning. But right now I’m learning how to live with gratitude in the midst of the uncertainty. Today, with three smiling kids, all I am is thankful.

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