Penny in her own words talking about ninth grade

In Her Own Words: Penny’s Advice to a Student Beginning Ninth Grade

Penny's advice to 9th graders
Penny getting ready for her dance performance

I asked our daughter Penny to take a few moments to reflect on her experience in ninth grade. We talked about how there are all sorts of things that happen in ninth grade that do not belong on social media for all the world to see, but she did agree that I could share her thoughts on one question I asked her:

Penny’s Advice to Ninth Graders

Do you have any advice for someone else who is starting ninth grade?

Don’t give up

Do the best that you can do ( ninth grade is a challenging year)

Make sure you have friends to support you

Try not to wear tank tops ( there is a dress code)

Be yourself

Ask questions

If you need to have work modified than just ask ( teachers will understand and they will modify the best they can do)

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