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More Reviews for To Be Made Well

I’m so grateful for the reviews I’ve received recently for To Be Made Well, both from readers and from the Englewood Review of Books and the Presbyterian Outlook. 

James E. Laurence writes in Englewood’s Featured Review:

This is, simply put, a really good book. It is extremely well-written, theologically astute, timely, and disarmingly honest. It is filled with Becker’s hard-fought wisdom, the fruit of her wrestling with what healing has looked like, in her life and in her community.”

And Amy Pagliarella writes for The Presbyterian Outlook:

Becker’s experiences make her uniquely qualified to encourage fellow sufferers, offering hope, practical suggestions and compassionate words to soothe the pain inflicted by bad theology and the well-intentioned/ill-informed.”

Thanks also to so many of you who have sent me personal messages, told others about To Be Made Well, or reviewed it on Amazon and Goodreads. It ALL makes a difference, and I am so grateful!

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