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Healing Is Exhausting

Healing is exhausting. At least that is what I’ve been thinking as I’m recovering from oral surgery. I’ve needed my ice packs and my smoothies and my soup. And I’ve needed a tremendous amount of sleep. (And I’ve been a little annoyed at the fact that I’ve needed it.)

But it struck me today that maybe seeing this as “exhaustion” is not the way to see it. Maybe I could see it as an invitation to rest. Maybe I could see this as a beautiful gift that my body wants to give me, saying, “Hey, let me take care of it. Let me enter into that painful place and do the work and provide the healing.” How miraculous is it that our bodies can be opened and closed up again and be healed by the processes that happen while we’re asleep? 

So for all of you who are feeling exhausted by the wounds in your psyches, in your bodies, in your spirits—maybe for you and for me that exhaustion is an invitation to enter in and to rest within the love of God and allow that healing to happen.

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