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Is anyone else out there in a season of waiting? Waiting for healing? Waiting for change? Waiting for your child to get news about college?

I’m in a season of waiting, but it struck me recently that I’m not in a season of patience. I’m anxiously waiting, not peacefully waiting. So now I’m praying for that peace, that patience.

I write all this as we approach a season of waiting within the church calendar, the season of Advent. A few years ago, I published a book that walks through this season of waiting with patience and eager expectation. This devotional has daily Bible readings that will move through the birth stories about Jesus over the course of the month of December.

It’s great for personal use or group conversation, and it is designed for people who know they won’t have time for much reflection during the holiday season but who want something to remind them that there is a purpose, that there is an invitation to peace and joy and life and hope.

I wanted to let you know about it now so you have plenty of time to order it before the holidays. And then we can wait together, hopefully moving from anxious wondering to peaceful patience as we go.

(Also, I have a FREE resource to accompany Prepare Him Room—weekly reflection questions that are great for personal use or group conversations.)
Go Here for more about the Advent devotional and reflection questions.

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