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Peeking Behind the Cosmic Curtain

Prayer is like going behind the scenes with God, like peeking behind the cosmic curtain.

We once had a chance as a family to go behind the scenes of The Lion King when they toured through Hartford. Peter’s friend from childhood was the director, so after the show, he told us all about what it takes to create this production. We learned that the performers keep singing backstage, even as they change costumes and put on makeup, to create a fuller sound. We learned that the show is so physically demanding that someone injures themselves during every performance. We met the guy in the giraffe suit. Our friend juggled a gazillion decisions backstage every night. Watching the show from the audience, I had no idea how much was in constant flux. 

Going behind the scenes only made the performance more spectacular. 

Prayer is like going behind the scenes. When we ask God to do something, to change something, to make something happen, we are somehow participating in the cosmic mending and healing and creating that God is all about. But we are only one part. Other people who seem utterly disconnected from us are also a part of the same work. Prayer allows us to get a glimpse of the unbelievable complexity and beauty and purpose unfolding all around us all the time. 

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