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head heart hands audiobook

I have a gift for you—a free audiobook of Head, Heart, Hands! After I wrote White Picket Fences, I heard back from many readers that they wanted more. They wanted to acknowledge the harm of social divisions, and they wanted ways to respond to it. But they, like I, felt incompetent, ignorant, and overwhelmed.

I wrote Head, Heart, Hands, a free action guide to accompany White Picket Fences as a result of those readers’ questions. In recent weeks, as I’ve once again felt incompetent, ignorant, and overwhelmed by the massive disparities in access to education, health care, and job security, I’ve returned to the idea of head, heart, hands. This simple model of responding to social problems has guided my conversations with friends and within our family as we consider our role in both giving and receiving care.  

I just released a free audiobook version of Head, Heart, Hands that you can access here on my website, along with the free PDF version, or by subscribing to my podcast—Love is Stronger Than Fear.

And I’m looking forward to a few upcoming Zoom meetings with book clubs who have asked me to join them to discuss White Picket Fences. I won’t be speaking with groups in person any time soon (other than one hopeful and tentative local talk scheduled for mid-summer). But I’d love to schedule a virtual meeting with your book club to talk about how to acknowledge the harm of social divisions in order to move towards participating in healing. You can view my speaking policy here

There’s a tremendous amount of loss in our society right now on every level. I believe we are invited to grieve those losses. And we are also invited to look for ways to bring hope.


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